Wana Nata Prana

Nature with its biodiversity becomes a space reflection of sustainable living order. Pandemic Covid-19 had changed the normal order into a new normal with unexpected barriers. For instance, travel restrictions, keeping the distance from others and working from home to reduce socializing. These signs are suspected as a gateway to a new age, according to ancient Balinese literature, Roga Sangara Bumi. Furthermore, The signs also symbolized as the Deities teach people to befriend with nature.

Bali-Bhuwana Widya (International Graduate Student Research Day)

It creates a space where novel, bright ideas can expressed and exchanged in matters of  research methods, practices and procedures at an international level. Graduate students from selected institutions are to meet and discuss in an inclusive space, using the web or outside the web; they will attend presentations by reputed researchers and, (through the system thus set up), contribute to creating international research networks in art and culture. 

Bali – Bhuwana Rupa (International Art Exhibition)

This exhibition is understood as an arena for the dissemination of international visual arts; it is open to artists, students, academics, and creative individuals from the whole world. It will be implemented using both on-site and web methods; the selection of participants will be principally made by peer review whereas the curatorial selection will be adapted to the theme of the year in question. The purpose of the exhibition is dual: it will enhance critical approach and, with research, it will inform on the latest artistic trends. This event aims at disseminating the international achievements made in the visual arts; it will inform on various experiences, explorations, researches and even adventures in the visual arts fields.

Bali – Bhuwana Lango (Global Performing Arts Festival)

This event aims at providing a global stage and unique space for accommodating original multimedia, music, dance and theatre performances. It also aims at presenting: collaborative works, original individual creations; and works that explore the Balinese cultural corpus, past as well as present.

Bali – Bhuwana Kanti (Global Arts Project


This event aims at broadening the existing national and global networks as well as creating synergies between industries, corporations, cultural institutions, for communities as well as individual artists.  We are open to all possibilities in the matter: creative workshops, support of young artists, transfer and explorations of indigenous artistic skills and approaches, new media and technologies, etc.

Bali – Bhuwana Waskita (Global Art Creativity Conference)

This event aims at establishing forums where new, creative and challenging ideas in the field of art and culture shall be exchanged and debated; with an emphasis on cross-cultural and multidisciplinary approaches. We invite global scholars, well-known artists, writers, researchers, and personalities to expose their work and ideas.

Bali – Bhuwana Krama (Global Artist Talk)

This event aims at presenting selected artists who will introduce themselves, their work, experience, technique, creative process, and their vision. The audience is expected to take part in the event and related discussion. The purpose is to create new synergies at the local, national, and international levels.

Bali-Bhuwana Yatra(Bali Art Trip)

This event aims at organizing visits to archeological sites, architecture of interest, artists, communities, and panoramas for the participants to the event. It aims at giving the participants an overview of Balinese cultural and natural riches.

Bali – Bhuwana Diatmika (Global Maestro Moment)

This event aims at documenting the selected artist’s creative process in the act as well as recording his/her related exposé. The selected maestro is expected to present his/her latest work(s) as well as to outline the direction taken by his/her future creativity.

Bali – Bhuwana Nata Kerti Nugraha (Awards)

This event aims at crowning artists or personalities who has made an important contribution to the fields of art and culture. The chosen awardees will have made demonstrated inroads in their respective specialties or shown an exceptional dedication, with an emphasis on environment and intercultural bridging.

Bali – Bhuwana Bakti (Global Collaboration Movement)

This event aims at generating cross-cultural and inter-disciplinary collaborations, on the theme of Padma Bhuwana, using either the Balinese kinetic approach or any other contemporary approach. These collaborations are expected to inspire avant-garde works that may  enrich and/or rejuvenate one or several existing arts.

Bali – Bhuwana Karma (Global Inisiative Scape)

This event aims at welcoming art groups and individuals selected at the discretion of Indonesian Institute of the Arts Denpasar. The artist(s) or group(s) will have shown a genuinely   innovative spirit with demonstrated impact on the environment.