Art Trip


Visit artists and their social environment


Enable participants to understand the role of the collective in Balinese creative processes.




Made Djirna (Seni Rupa)

Sang Ayu Muklen ( Seni Tari)

Janggo Paramarta (Seni Rupa)

Dewa Nyoman Sura


I MAde Bayu Pramana, S.Sn., M.Sn.

More Event

Bali-International Graduate Student Research Day

It creates a space where novel, bright ideas can expressed and exchanged in matters of  research methods, practices and procedures at an international level. Graduate students from selected institutions are to meet and discuss in an inclusive space, using the web or outside the web; they will attend presentations by reputed researchers and, (through the system thus set up), contribute to creating international research networks in art and culture.

Bali – International Exhibition

The exhibition is understood as an arena for the dissemination of international visual arts; it is open to students, artists, academics, and creative individuals from the whole world. It will be implemented using both on site and web methods, and (a selection made by) peer review and curatorial selection according to the theme of the year in question. This purpose of the exhibition is dual: it enhances critical approach and, with research, it informs on the latest artistic trends.

Global Festival

Original music, dance and theatre performances involving: multimedia technique(s), collaboration approach, and exploration of Balinese cultural corpus.

Global Network on Arts Project

Broadening existing national and international networks for future collaborations (exhibition, conferences, exchanges, festivals, etc.).

International Converence

Presenting and challenging novel ideas in the field of arts and culture with emphasis on cross-cultural and multidisciplinary approaches.

Artist Talk

Selected artist present themselves and their work.

Art Trip

Visit artists and their social environment

Maestro Moment

Document the creative process of the selected artist in the act and maestro lecture.


Recognition of outstanding contribution towards art and culture.

Collaboration Movement

Cross cultural and cross disciplinary collaborations, on the theme of Padma Bhuwana, using either the kinetic Balinese approach or any contemporary approach.

Inisiative Scape

Welcoming selected art groups or individuals to the discretion of Indonesian Institute of the Arts Denpasar